Each creation is a testament to the beauty of imperfection, with the knots, textures, and colors of the wood telling a story of its previous life.

While our journey began with a love for repurposing materials, it truly took flight when my husband discovered his enjoyment of working with resin. Together, we've combined our skills and talents to push the boundaries of creativity, blending the organic warmth of wood with the sleek, modern finish of resin.

Every item in our collection is meticulously handmade with love and care. From sourcing the perfect reclaimed materials to the intricate
crafting process, we pour our passion into every step of the journey. While our work may take time, we believe that true art is worth the wait.

How did it start...

Creating is my ultimate form of self-care. It's where I rediscover myself and find solace in the process. My journey into artistry truly began with my first mosaic. The experience resonated deeply with me—I cherished every aspect, from wielding the tools to the exhilarating flow of creativity. It's in this realm of endless possibilities that I found my true calling, fueled by my passion for seeing the world through fresh perspectives.

How did I get here...

No, really, how did I get here?!?!

Never did I imagine I'd create art. It started with supporting my wife's shows, then experimenting with resin. Inspired by the northern lights, I began crafting landscapes. Hooked, we added depth with laser-cut details. Now, art is a passion I never saw coming.